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                                         Flows Workshop

Facilitators: Adrian Brown, Ngunnawal Traditional Custodian
                     Kirsten Wehner, Senior Fellow, National Museum of

Following from an earlier FLOWS workshop, in this interactive session we consolidated and reflected
on a series of 'mud maps' collecting knowledge experiences of Ngunnawal Country waterways. Working with
digital artist Arran McKenna. we'll discuss how these documents reveal intersections and resonances and,
with Arran capturing discussion in real time, continue to draw out and add in cultural, social, ecological
and political tributaries, confluences and disappearances.

Our FLOWS maps will be used as a tool for us to think collectively, inclusively and from multidisciplinary
perspectives about our water systems and communities.

Following Sullivans, Learning Country brought twenty people, each expert in their own field, to 
walk the creek and share their knowledge and perspectives. Including  visual artists,
scientist, educators, writers, activist, conservationists and economists, all led by
Ngunnawal Elders and Custodians, the group started to map out our community's 
complex knowledges of ACT waterways.

This relaxed FLOWS workshop continues the process of gathering waterways knowledge.
Working in small groups contributing a 'mud map' recording our personal and professisonal
understandings of Ngunnawal Country water systems and networks. Noting down the creeks, wetlands,
pumping stations, water treatment plants, rain gardens and drains, record your stories about
living with these waterwats and reflect on how and why they are important.

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