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Canberra artists Julie Monro-Allison, R.R., Ellie Malbon work alongside Ngunnawal Elder , Uncle Wally Bell as a cultural mentor, Ruth O’ Brian singer and writer as a accessible mentor and BYRD, street artist in the role of technical mentor. Providing the artists an unique opportunity to delve into a deeper understanding of place, Ngunnawal culture and knowledge and a heighten sensitivity toward creating work with Country and access in the forefront of their practice. Come and listen to what we learnt during this process and what we can take forward with us as we under cover and reconnect with these waterways.

By highlighting the bridges, we hope to bring greater awareness to the history and cultural significance of Kambri/Sullivan’s Creek and our urban waterways. This is an opportunity to reimagine forgotten places, to create a new way of networking places and navigating the links from our past to our future.

This project explores people's relationship to public space and infrastructure, and its role in building a connected community, by encouraging the public to engage with these utilitarian structures and surrounding public spaces in new ways. Creating a collective memory about a public place can result in greater connection to place, in turn creating momentum for members of the community to take ownership, show responsibility and take action for shaping public spaces.

Project supported by artsACT Project Funding and You Are Here Festival. 



Ngunnawal Elder, and cultural mentor on the Bridge to Bridge project;  Uncle Wally Bell, discusses the significance of water and waterways for the traditional custodians of the land. 


Panel Discussion

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