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Interrupted – manipulated – controlled

We wonder the stories this old creek must hold

Water trickles, echoing through a solid concrete drain.

In contrast to the glorious squawk, of the cockatoo’s refrain.


Interrupted – manipulated – controlled

The storm clouds build, the thunder unfolds

Evaporation becomes precipitation, a path long trod

Water memory predates the Ngunnawal and even the theropod

Interrupted – manipulated – controlled

The lands call out in pain - a summons foretold

Rain puddles form, the frogs calling forth

Another journey begins for the creek from the north.


Interrupted – manipulated – controlled

Traversing a strange, amalgamated, concrete stranglehold

One of the many tributaries to join the Molonglo

But enter at your own risk, beware the undertow


An explosion of force, finally free of this man made constraint

With traditional song lines the water and lands seek to reacquaint

Will you listen to the stories this creek does hold,

Or is your mind too interrupted – manipulated – controlled?


Don Christopher I Gunggari 2022


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